Michelle is originally from Newfoundland, yet Nova Scotia has been her second home, away from home, for many years.

Michelle has a background in education, and disability services, which she has done for many years. As much as she loved doing what she did, she always wanted to find the space to fulfill her passion for  helping animals, which has brought her to this incredible journey for years in Veterinary Medicine, and now with Bedford Parks Animal Hospital. She chose this field for her passion for animals, but also to gain the knowledge on how to best support them and their owners. Michelle has a high interest in emergency medicine and the surgical side of the field. In addition, being supportive and also being a listening ear for her team members and clients brought Michelle in her current role as manager of the hospital. She loves showing compassion, supporting the team, developing relationships with clients, getting animal snuggles in, and seeing the relationships and love between clients and their pets.

A fun fact about Michelle is that she has a geeky side! She grew up playing video games, watching films and shows, and reading comics. In her spare time, she also loves lifting weights, going for hikes, cooking, reading, spending time with family, and living a healthy lifestyle.