Emilee was born and raised in Bridgetown, Nova Scotia with her family. She’s a true valley girl inside and out.

Emilee has always had a special way with animals throughout her life. She graduated from NSCC Ivany Campus in October 2021 with a degree as a Pharmacy Technician. She has a particular passion for medication, and how it works in both human and animals.

Over the last couple years, Emilee has worked in community pharmacies as well as hospitals with the Nova Scotia Health Authority. She has a love for helping others and always knew she wanted to work in healthcare. Eventually, Emilee took her grandmothers word and encouragement to pursue helping animals, as she always said that Emilee was meant to do so. This led her to be a part of our BPAH family!

During her free time, Emilee enjoys going for drives with her parents and getting a coffee. She also enjoys spending time with the love of her life Ben, who together have a little, outgoing golden retriever puppy named Nova and two cats that are always jumping off walls, Turbo and Moe.